At request of the Province of Noord- Brabant, lead partner in ITHACA, Bureau PAU wrote the full application for this project in the Interreg EUROPE Programme. The project proposal is approved with an excellent score. Bureau PAU is also asked to do the project management of ITHACA during the project lifetime.

ITHACA involves 9 EU regions with a shared ambition to accelerate the scaling up of smart health and care innovation that can support active and healthy living and secure the triple win of economic growth, more sustainable health and care systems and improved well-being of Europe’s citizens. Focusing on this sphere, its primary goal is to improve Structural Funds’ policies and implementation across the smart health and care innovation cycle (invention, co-creation, market testing, validation, scaling up) and enhance regional and interregional ecosystems.

See the website: Interreg Europe / Ithaca

Timeline full application                           : January 2016 – May 2016

Timeline project management                 : January 2017 – December 2023