At request of the Municipality of Middelburg, Bureau PAU works on the application of “FISHCREATION” in the Interreg Two Seas Programme (part of UK, France, Belgium and The Netherlands). The Municipality of Middelburg is lead partner and works together with 9 project partners.

The project aims to create innovative business opportunities for maritime fishery communities in the 2 seas programme area. The project activities are focused on improving the

framework conditions for the delivery of innovation through cooperation of SMEs, knowledge institutes, maritime stakeholders (including the fishermen), regional authorities, and

municipalities and the civic society. The project will help engage SMEs to establish new cross sectoral connections beyond their existing markets and regions. This will enable a successful

survival and achievement of vital critical mass to shift from fishing only to a differentiated economy, well attached to other sectors such as agro food, valorised renewables or retail. In this way

the project aims to enhance the unique cultural and economic significance of these maritime communities and reinforce their economic position and competitiveness.

The main activities of Bureau PAU consist of partner search and collecting partner details, preparation and leading of a partner meeting, writing the application based on the input of the project partners.

Timeline: September 2016 – May 2017